Quantity is what you can count, quality is what you can count on


INM Partner Kft is an advanced CNC machining and engineering subcontractor with 30 years of experience. We provide our customers precision machined and built to print parts from various materials such as aluminium, stainless, technical plastics, titanium and other exotic steels.

We are a supplier to various sectors such as aerospace, defence, space, automotive, food and others.

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Cost effected and efficient producing

  • Every machine is equipped with tool setter, on machine verification software and ERP platform
  • Zero point system for quicker setup
  • Palettesystem for 24/7 "lights out" production

Quality Control

  • Pressurized and temperature controlled quality area
  • CMM machine and 3D scanner are available
  • Surface roughness tester, gauges and digital micros,...etc

Product traceability 

  • From initial raw materials received to final customer delivery of product, all the operations are traceable using lot or serial numbers
  • Raw materials are labelled with barcodes


  • We operate our production according to EN/AS9100 quality system

Paperless production

  • All information for all operations in our company are accessible in our ERP system

Quick response

  • We make quotation for parts in 1 day, and for complex packages or assemblies in 5 days
  • Short lead times, typically 1-6 weeks, depends from complexity, raw material and outsourced treatments